January 21, 2021


Off the top of my head
It Rubs me the wrong way
It gets under my skin
Run a tight ship: 纪律严明
A dime a dozen
Few and far between
Cost an arm and a leg
As Cheap as chips
A long shot
A stone’s throw away
Once in a blue moon
Busy as a bee
Had a blast
It dawned on me
Just what the doctor ordered
Get up on the wrong side of the bed
To your heart’s content
To set in stone
Bite the bullet
To be under the weather

to bank on s.th/s.one: to rely or depend on s.th/s.one; to expect s.th/s.one
dead to the world: sleeping deeply
in hot water: in trouble; in a difficult situation
to come to terms with (s.th): to slowly accept a sad situation
drop the subject: to stop talking/discussing s.th
swamped: very busy; overwhelmed with work
in the blink of an eye: very quickly
to spill the beans: to tell a secret

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