August 30, 2017

Summer at Medellín [Part 3. Guatape Tour]

The other weekend, we went to a small town (and municipality) called Guatapé. It is around two hours of bus ride distance from Medellin. Guatapé should definitely be one of the most popular places for the visitors in Medellin.

There’s a very large rock in Guatapé, named El Peñón de Guatapé (English: Rock of Guatapé). It was 740 steps and we climbed for around an hour to the top of the rock.

It was a little bit foggy that day, but the view from top was still amazing.

After climbing the rock, we were treated with a large plate of dish. It was also traditional Colombian Paisa, with beans, white rice, chicharron, ground meat, plantain, avocado, arepa, etc.

We then took a boat to Guatapé town. Can you see the rock from this picture?

Guatapé town is a very small town, but all the houses are very colorful and painted carefully.

This may be the most beautiful sight in Guatapé town. There are so many tourists! Nearby are many stores selling ice-creams and souvenirs with really good business.

In all, I think it’s a nice and worthy tour. Guatapé should definitely be one of the sights to visit in Medellin.

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