October 25, 2014

A Terrible Dream I Made

Today I went to the library because next week I will take two exams in both data structure and algorithms. As a novice in programming, these courses are arduous for me, so I decided to begin with some other tasks on memorising English words. I do not know why, but every time in the library when I open my vocabulary book and set about reciting those complicated words hard to memorise, I will fall asleep, though most of the time I’ve already had enough sleeps. And so did I today.

I started a terrible dream. In the dream, I went out of the library, and then walked in and out of an airplane. I walked a few miles and found myself standing at May Fourth Square, a well-known landmark in my hometown, Qingdao.

No, that was not where I wanted to go. I wanted the exit, the one enabling me to get back to my domitory, I said to myself, as a picture of my everyday walking path in the university formed in my mind. Then I thought I must have taken the wrong way and had to double back.

I backtracked and walked on the airplane leading to the library, the plane I got off a few minutes ago. However the minute I was on board, there arose a hubbub when somebody began speaking on the microphone. I did not pay any attention and just quickened my pace. At this time, shockingly, the plane began TAKING OFF! I became nervous, quickly found the air hostess, said to her I was not meant to take on this plane, and asked her what I should do. The air hostess, however, sneered scathingly in a disdainful look, as if she was saying it was totally your fault. I then asked her where the plane was flying to, in an uproar she whispered, though so closely I listened, I cannot hear clearly. But I guessed she was saying, Frankfurt.

Frankfurt…Frankfurt, Frankfurt in Germany! It was hundreds of thousands of miles away! What should I do? I was ready to burst out crying, but managed to stay my tears, sitted for a while, and went to the Captain for solutions.

As I asked, the vice Captain responded the same that the plane was flying to Frankfurt. However the plane was planned for a short park in the city’s airport ahead, where I might get off and take a bus back.

The plane landed. I walked off the plane and was thinking how I could take the bus, for I took neither money nor cellphone with me. Suddenly, I saw my mom standing ahead! I quickly ran towards her, and asked her why she was there. My mother said: “I thought you mistakenly took the plane, so I came here, waiting for you.” I got so moved and was just about to cry, when I waked up from the dream.

Such a terrible dream, I thought, a spatiotemporal-mixed dream, intermingling distinct times and far-away spaces, but how could I have such a dream? I do not know. Maybe it is because I am reading these days Haruki Murakami. I am reading in English version his book Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. The book, just the same as his last novel 1Q84, mixes so much imagination and reality that one can hardly separate the two apart. I can not tell how I get attracted by his fantasy writings and magic stories, and how I loved the leading characters in the novel. Perhaps in my subconscious mind, I also want that sort of life, and that is part of the reason why I made this dream today.

(Btw, could someone be so nice to interpret this dream for me?)

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