September 13, 2017

The Spanish Course for Two Weeks

I enjoyed so much of the Spanish class I’ve taken during the first two weeks. Our teacher makes his class so interesting that I never noticed time passed by quickly. We had a small class of 10 students and I am lucky to know other undergraduates who are young and energetic and funny. One guy is majoring in drama and he made every Spanish dialogue we practiced a real ‘drama’ - once even made me laughed into tears.

The last day before we are allowed to drop a semester’s course, I went to a friend seeking for help about a recent assignment. Then he told me I should drop Spanish because it was too much. We then discussed for hours and listed all pros and cons but it just made me even more hesitating. How I wish I could follow my heart and continue with it… But the unreality is that it’s so unwise for me to spend three hours a day learning Spanish, considering all the other courses I need to take. Almost in the last minute, I hit the drop button, and felt extremely frustrated.

This Tuesday, I went to the class again but for the last time. I again enjoyed so much the class, but I did not know how I should told my teacher I had dropped the class without any notice. Before, I asked him to sign the audit form, but I then throw the form into the trash bin because I wanted to take it.

At my last class, we were practicing -ar verbs. Our teacher gave us an article to learn how the verbs change in sentences - but not a usual article, but the one he created, with everyone’s name on it. Yes, all based on facts, I practiced Spanish with Madeline and Ryan practiced with Nicholas. Trey was always late for class and he’ve once explained his apartment was so far away. Catherine and Anthony are real couple who are always together and so sweet!! I am keeping everything inside my notebook and hope I can remember this happy memory.

Today, I login into my Spanish online platform with everyday’ assignment and noticed that our teacher has just graded my assignment for last weekend and provided me with feedback, even if I’ve already escaped from his class. He corrected me several pronunciation mistakes and wrote me to have more practice with the pronunciation of R. Maybe I would. ❤️

UPDATE: Only one week later, I find out that dropping this Spanish course might be the best decision I can make. Study is so busy that I am buried by deadlines everyday - there would hardly be any time for me to continue with another non-credit course … With good memories but also regrets, maybe that is part of the life.

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