July 22, 2014

My Trip to Yosemite

On July 20, I went to Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is so beautiful - far more beautiful than I can ever imagine!

During my staying in Berkeley, my friends went to Los Angeles on Friday and would be staying here for three days. I was thinking where I might go and had fun on weekends, when I saw a 2-day trip to Yosemite on a website and decided to take my own trip here. I ordered a double room and met my roommate Hee-Seon. She is a very beautiful girl from South Korean. We communicated with each other all the way in English.

Below is Yosemite. Pictures are from my Weibo so they have watermarks.

As our tour went here, some would like to take a walk but I decided to rent a bicycle to go around. I was nervous at first because I had little sense of direction. Riding alone, I was afraid of getting lost. But it proved later that I was worrying too much. With the help of my visiting map, I found my way back easily.

As I was riding half way, it began to rain unexpectedly. – It was actually running cats and dogs! Although I brought with me an umbrella, I could not find a shelter from the rain nearby and was soaked.


But after all, riding on Yosemite was a lot fun! I love the beautiful Yosemite! A fantastic trip!

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